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Salmon Glacier

Although located in British Columbia, to access the Salmon Glacier you have to drive through Hyder Alaska. This breathtaking glacier is the largest glacier in North America that you can access by road. 

Salmon Glacier


~ At the moment, the Salmon Glacier Viewpoint is not accessible due to high level of snow on the ground- updated May 05, 2022 ~


Located on the Canadian side of the border beyond Hyder, AK, about 37 km (23 miles), you will come to the summit of the magnificent Salmon Glacier. The unpaved road leads you up to 4000’ elevation, journeying through rich forestry and past old mine sites, there is nothing you won’t love about this trip. Beyond the summit point, there is the Granduc Mine site and Happy Valley.

For updates on Hyder, AK border restrictions, please visit our Border Information page.

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Important things to know before you go:

  • Dusty conditions and narrow sections are common. Be extremely cautious when slowing, stopping or meeting oncoming traffic.
  • Slow down when road is wet, snowy, muddy, or if visibility is reduced.
  • If driving conditions are poor, wait awhile for them to improve, or plan another activity in Stewart or Hyder.
  • Road is not maintained and could be closed at times due to active mining. 
  • Due to high elevation and the amount of snowfall in the area during Winter, the road to the viewpoint might not be accessible until mid-June.