Photo credit: @sweptawayphoto

We have black bears and grizzly (brown) bears that often make their way through town. Come to Stewart and you’re almost sure to see a bear of some kind!


Credit: Camus Photography

Highway 16 route

Driving to Stewart BC will take you through farmlands and small communities with beautiful viewpoints on Highway 16 to Kitwanga Junction. From Kitwanga Junction, you will see spectacular marsh lands and head into mountainous terrains with an abundance of wildlife along highway 37, 152 km (94 miles) to Meziadin Junction. Once at Meziadin Junction you will head onto Highway 37A and travel through mountains with waterfalls, stunning canyons, and stunning glacier terrain surrounding you for the 61 km (37 miles) drive into the community of Stewart BC. 


Highway 97 route

An alternate scenic route is Highway 16 from Prince George BC onto Highway 97 to Watson Lake, Yukon. Highway 97 will wind through amazing communities with many breathtaking sights to see. From Watson Lake you will travel 24 km (15 miles) on Highway 97 turning onto Highway 37. Highway 37 will take you through remote small communities, present spectacular wildlife, and scenic stop points for 562 km (350 miles) until you come to Meziadin Junction, taking you on to Highway 37A for 61 km (37 miles) to reach the community of Stewart BC. 


Please pay attention to signage as more remote areas can be farther apart.

City/Community Mode Distance Time (est.)
Meziadin Junction, BC Drive 61.0 km 52 m
Hazelton, BC Drive 267.3 km 3hr 17m
Iskut, BC Drive 308.8 km 3hr 49m
Terrace, BC Drive 310.9 km 3hr 41m
Smithers, BC Drive 327.5 km 3hr 54m
Telkwa, BC Drive 342.4 km 4hr 5m
Kitimat, BC Drive 366.7 km 4hr 16m
Houston, BC Drive 391.3 km 4hr 38m
Dease Lake, BC Drive 392.3 km 4hr 52m
Port Edward, BC Drive 437.0 km 5hr 4m
Prince Rupert, BC Drive 454.1 km 5hr 15m
Burns Lake, BC Drive 470.5 km 5hr 30m
Telegraph Creek, BC Drive 500.6 km 29hr
Glenora, BC Drive 518.4 km 29hr
McDame, BC Drive 541.9 km 9hr 30m
Fort Fraser, BC Drive 561.2 km 6hr 33m
Upper Liard, YT Drive 636.7 km 7hr 44m
Watson Lake, YT Drive 648.0 km 7hr 52m
Prince George, BC Drive 700.5 km 8hr 14m