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Photo credit: Carrie-Ann Eftodie

Indigenous to Northern BC, Fireweed helps rebuild ecosystems after a fire or clear cut. It also has a story of foretelling winter! Fireweed blooms bottom to top – once completely bloomed, the first snowfall of the year is said not to be far. Next to predicting winter, this versatile plant also has uses from teas and salad to fire starter.

Meziadin Lake

A popular summer campsite for travellers and locals, Meziadin Lake is just 68 KM west of Stewart. The lake is popular with fishers for Rainbow Trout, Sockeye Salmon, and Dolly Varden. The creeks, where the salmon spawn, is a popular place for the bears to feed. The lake is one of the only three places in the province where salmon spawn in the bays and inlets of a lake! Whether you are coming for a day on your kayak or a weekend with the boat, Meziadin lake is the perfect place for a lake trip! 

For more information, go to Meziadin Lake Campground