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Interested in saltwater fishing? There are thousands of species in the Portland Canal, but the most common critters to catch are salmon, halibut, crab and prawns.

Stewart BC

Credit: Camus Photography


Situated at the end of the 90-mile-long Portland Canal, surrounded by majestic forestry and the Cambria Icefields, resides the small town of Stewart. Founded in 1902 by Robert M and John W Stewart, Stewart has been a mineral exploration icon since the early years of the 20th century. By 1910 Stewart and Hyder (then known as Portland City) were joined by a two mile long “road” made from pilings across the tide flats. The area then hosted close to 10,000 people who were still residing in tents, waiting for buildings to be built on the pilings much like the “road” between Stewart and Hyder. Some of these buildings and pilings can still be seen on the tide flats today.

Fast forward to today, with a population of 500 people, this little town has everything a larger town would have to offer including grocery stores, post office, hotels and motels, restaurants, a museum, and shops. Along your journey through Stewart, you can view restored heritage buildings marked by historic signage. Stewart and Hyder both offer wonderful recreational activities from fishing, hiking, kayaking, and wildlife viewing from both land and water.