What to See and Do



Drive to Stewart

The 65 km drive from Meziadin Junction to Stewart is breathtaking. “It looks like a scene from Jurassic Park,” “I stopped counting the waterfalls after 40,” and “I’ve been all over Canada and nothing compares to this drive – absolutely beautiful,” are some examples of what tourists passing through have said.


Ocean Fishing

A journey to Stewart is never complete without a trip down the Portland Canal! Make sure to reach out to Wild Northern Adventures to get the best views and fishing spots, you will not regret it!


River Fishing

Every year many visitors come to Stewart to fish in our rivers in hopes to catch salmon and trout. Bear River has been described as “fishing heaven” with many succeeding in their trips and coming home with more than they ever imagined. Clements Lake is known for small trout species and Meziadin Lake has trout species varying sizes. Come for the views, stay for the fishing! 


Please note to double check fishing regulations and have proper license(s) for the area you choose to fish.